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Why Samsung is first mover advantage in smart watches?

It become Samsung that fired the one of the first volleys. The enterprise unveiled its new, Android-powered, $299 Galaxy Gear smartwatch on the IFA client tech display in Berlin, turning into one of the first foremost client electronics producer to convey the sort of tool to marketplace. That`s a first-rate coup for the Korean enterprise, and one which offers it a lead on competitors like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Historically, Samsung has been a fast-follower of others into new markets. But on this case, it`s a first-mover, fielding one of the first client entries in a nascent wearables marketplace. It`s were given the bounce on Google, whose Glass headset nonetheless hasn`t visible huge client release, and Apple, that’s operating on a few kind of wearable tool meant to be worn at the wrist. But first-to-marketplace doesn`t assure an enduring lead, and it stays to be visible how the Galaxy Gear will fare as that marketplace attracts greater entries.

Is its noticeably restricted capability sufficient to win mainstream appeal? Or will it serve ordinarily to whet client appetites for probably better-conceived wearable era gadgets made via way of means of its competitors? These are key questions. Because at the same time as there`s lots of promise withinside the wearables marketplace, it`s going to take a absolutely compelling product to faucet into it. And, as Apple CEO Tim Cook determined at our D11 convention in advance this year, designing the sort of product isn’t anyt any smooth task.

1) Preempt the Competition

The smartwatch is being touted because the Next Big Thing. With the phone wars ongoing, there may be a preference to apply the watch as a platform to create accessories. In assessment to the ahead wondering Apple, Samsung has lengthy been derided as a copycat. This is Samsung`s try and create a niche, create a few buzz round their product, and be visible as an innovator.

2) Make the Existing Product Base More Attractive

While certainly a Version zero product, Samsung has plans to make their Smartwatch well suited with the famous line of Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. You must begin somewhere, and with a primary-mover advantage, Samsung is poised to as a minimum get their current atmosphere inquisitive about the Smartwatch concept.

But while does it make feel to be a primary mover? If you fail to have a compelling product at launch, you chance the threat of being lambasted withinside the media for generating a 1/2 of baked product. From the B2B Startup perspective, only a few new agencies have the economic and PR assets of Samsung to deal with a failed product launch.

First Mover or Fast Follower?

When to Be a First Mover

If you’ve got got a product that you’re feeling can garner nice reviews, is compelling in your customers, and takes benefit of community externalities, then pass for the release. Apple became short to launch their App Store at the iPhone, understanding it might take a number of patron variation earlier than it is able to turn out to be popular.

The App Store`s early release helped create a “Lock In” impact and advocated software program builders to create Apps for his or her iOS platform. Apple`s short pass stored their person base unswerving and concurrently made their product stronger. As their App Store services have become extra attractive, customers of different structures started to take into account giving Apple a shot.

When to Be a Fast Follower

In the case of the smartwatch concept, Apple is taking a quick follower technique. They are permitting Samsung to take the primary shot. After seeing the results, Apple can compare the product and the market`s response. Doing so offers Apple an possibility to examine from Samsung`s errors and tweak their personal predicted smartwatch.

In this case, the product isn`t software program or hardware that desires to fast set up a robust person base. Apple can take the short follower technique due to the fact the smartwatch is designed to be a associate to the smartphone.


Ever because its unveiling of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung has been the goal of a number of scathing critiques. CNet known as it “fashion over substance.” The Boston Globe became even harsher, affirming that they’ve rarely “examined a extra forgettable piece of hardware.” The critiques remain brutal. With a hefty $299 rate and compatibility restrained to the Phablet phone, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is the solution to a query nobody asked.



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