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Pakistani Food 

Pakistani food is a broad cuisine consisting of dishes with distinct regional and international influences.

It’s quite often regarded as the national dish of Pakistan, despite the fact that

it’s made by combining various cuisines from across the region and beyond.

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It consists of three basic elements: meat, vegetables, and rice.

Pakistani food is closely related to the cuisine of Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Southeast Asia.

It has evolved over thousands of years from its roots in Central Asia

when it was influenced by the Aryans and Persians.

Food in Pakistan varies greatly from region to region with influences from Middle Eastern, South Asian, Central Asian, and modern international style cooking.

The diverse population has also played a role in shaping Pakistani food—as well as providing an ample supply of fresh produce and ingredients.

Pakistani food today is a mixture of Persian and Indian influence with locally produced traditional recipes.

Food from the Indo-Gangetic plain has been influenced by the Persian and Turkic peoples, As well as other immigrants from Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Christianity.

During the Mughal period (1526–1843), Muslims of Central Asia converted to Islam due to pressure from their rulers.

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